Houston Palapas – Builders/Installers

When you think of a tropical vacation, many things come to mind. The clear ocean, white sand, the sun, and of course you can’t forget a palapa. Also known as tiki huts, palapas are decks with thatched roofs that are made of dried palm leaves. They are the perfect place to relax under, as they provide ample shade. Here at Luxury Palapas, we build authentic high quality palapas and tiki huts . We only use high quality red cedar wood for the structure, and our palm leaves are imported directly from Mexico. This allows us to give our customers the authentic experience. We design palapas for both commercial and residential use. Wether you’re an individual that would like to kick back and enjoy the backyard, or a business that is in need of multiple tiki huts, choose us to be your Houston Palapas and tiki hut builders.

Why Choose Luxury Palapas

Our customer will always come in first, and we know everything there is to know about palapas. Working in the industry for years, we have gathered many years of experience in designing and building. We know what woods offer more durability, and what palm leaves will withstand the weather. This is extremely important in Texas, as our summers get extremely hot. Not only that, we get a mix of humidity, rain, and heat. This is why we are strict on the way we build our palapas. Compared to our competitors, our palapas are 10%-20% cooler. We offer other other services to transform your backyard in to a place you wont want to leave! We also build and design outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, tiki bars, bamboo furniture, and more. Our mission is to bring the feel of an exotic vacation, right to you.