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Add A Tropical Tiki Hut For A Vacation Setting To Your Own Backyard!


A tropical vacation is something everyone likes to take.  A place and time dedicated to just kicking back from stressful day to day activities, and enjoying the day.

While you can’t bring a beach to your backyard, you can now add a bit of paradise and comfort to your own backyard with a tropical tiki hut!

Luxury Palapas specializes in building custom authentic palapas, for your family & friends to enjoy! Just imagine relaxing  all year long, underneath the cool shade of your own slice of paradise, entertaining or just relaxing with a cold drink of your choice.

We strongly believe in building palapas using the same materials that you will find on a tropical beach. We import our handwoven thatch from Mexico, and use cedar wood to build the structure. Cedar wood is perfect, as it’s extremely durable, and able to withstand our ever changing Texas weather.

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Mexican Thatch Tiki Huts & Palapas

Mexican Thatch is an eco-friendly, affordable roof solution for palapas. By far the most popular roof material, it is what you will find in popular Mexican beaches, like Acapulco, Playa Del Carmen & Cancun. It will accent any outdoor area.

Palapas in a Houston pool

African Reed Thatch Palapas

Palapas made from African Reed thatch are made from cape reed. It’s known for the uniform look it creates. Unlike Mexican thatch that is flexible, reed is extremely sturdy, that lays flat. It is perfect for use in Palapas as it’s distinctive rows look neat & clean for a nice custom profile..

African Reed Palapa Roof

Synthetic Thatch Palapas

Because of popular demand, Luxury Palapas now offers synthetic thatch roofs for palapas, gazebos, pavilions and tiki huts. The synthetic hatch we use is very close in color and very closely resembles it’s equivalent natural Mexican thatch. Synthetic thatch material could last longer, but may be more expensive.

Synthetic Thatch Palapas