Where Do Palapa/Tiki Hut Palm Leaves Come From

where does palapa tiki hut palm leaves come from

At Luxury Palapas, one of our most asked questions is “Where Do Palapa Tiki Hut Palm Leaves Come From?”


If you’ve ever had a vacation in Mexico, you most likely have seen the beautifully crafted Palapa structures that are everywhere. From the smallest beach bar to the most elegant hotel bar, you’ll see the magnificent structures with one thing in common… a palm thatch roof.

Many years ago, Mexican palm thatch panels were called and used as rain capes, a waterproof garment that was worn during the rainy season. Locals found that multiple layers of palm leaves allowed for rain to roll off immediately upon impact. Today, you seldom, if ever see rain capes in modern Mexican culture.

What we do see is that palm leaf thatch has instead evolved as a sustainable building roof material for all types of shade structures. From simple tiki umbrellas to elaborate outdoor structures like pool bars and even hotel lobbies palm leaves work well to provide protection from rain and sun. Mexican palm thatch roofing materials provide water resistance for roofing structures by helping direct the flow outward from the roof’s edge.

custom palapas houston txHow Long Does Natural Palm Thatch Last?

This is the second most asked question we get from Luxury Palapas customers. It’s a great question and our answer is 8 to 10 years. Since the time varies, we offer a 10 year warranty on all palm thatch installations.

Do you have a longer lasting alternative to natural Mexican palm thatch?

We do and we offer a 20 year warranty on this roofing material… Learn More.

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