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Palapa - Tiki Hut Sales Houston & Central Texas


Adding a Palapa to your landscape gives you the perfect place dedicated to just kicking back from your stressful day to day activities. Enjoyment For The Entire Family. While you can’t bring a beach to your backyard (we've actually built a backyard beach) you can now add a bit of paradise and comfort to your backyard with a tropical Mexican style Palapa!

Tiki Huts, also known as Palapas, are the perfect structure to add an outdoor kitchen. Let us add a little sauce in the form of quality audio and video and Presto... you'll become the envy of your neighborhood.

Luxury Palapas specializes in building custom authentic palapas, for your family & friends to enjoy! Call us at 832-310-4620 for a free quote!

Picture relaxing all year long, underneath the cool shade of your own slice of paradise, entertaining or just hanging out with family.

We strongly believe in building your palapa using the same materials that you will find on a tropical beach. We import our handwoven thatch from Mexico, and use red cedar wood to build the structure. Cedar wood is perfect, as it’s extremely durable, and able to withstand our ever changing Texas weather.

While our standard Palapa thatch has a 10 year warranty, we can easily double the warranty to 20 years with our durable synthetic Palapa roof thatch. You can learn more here.

Looking for Palapa - Tiki Hut Sales & Design? Speak with our designers now! We guarantee to save you money and deliver your Palapa project on time and within budget. Call or Text 832-310-4620.


How Much Will My Palapa/Tiki Hut Cost?

We get this question a lot. The best answer is it all depends on size and the materials you choose. We know that is a super simple answer, but read on.

It also depends on location and difficulty, but the least expensive material is our standard red cedar posts which are proven to have a long life and are insect resistant. This is very important, being that we are in a coastal community. Our standard Mexican palm thatch which we import directly from Mexico, has a 10 year warranty.

From there, you could upgrade to different styles and materials like African reed thatch or other exotic materials which add cost, but don't necessarily improve life expectancy.African Reed Thatch Palapas

At Luxury Palapas, we offer options like outdoor kitchens, custom bars, outdoor furniture, electrical wiring for lights, ceiling fans & TV's.

As you can see... its just about impossible to say your tiki bar will cost this much, without actually speaking with you. We've built thousands of palapas & tiki huts throughout Texas... so if it's experience you want, we have it. After that, most customers want to know that their construction will last, and that's why we offer a 10 year warranty on all standard materials.

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